Special King Size Mattress And Boxspring Set

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King size mattress and boxspring set – Not all mattresses offer same level of hardness. For every taste and need, there are softer or softer mattresses. Hardness levels of mattresses in store range from 1 to 3, right choice will depend on different factors, such as body weight. Soft mattresses of grade 1 are especially suitable for people with a body weight of up to 60 kg. Medium grade 2, is ideal for people with a body weight of up to 80 kg. And, finally, grade 3 hardness belongs to firmer mattresses and recommended for a body weight of more than 80 kg.

However, body weight is not only factor that determines degree of adequate hardness of king size mattress and boxspring set, comfort and personal well being are equally important elements. If most recommended hardness for your body weight is 3, but you rest better on softer mattresses, you can opt for a mattress with medium grade hardness. Similarly, if you prefer to sleep on hard mattresses and most advisable degree of hardness is medium, you can move to a mattress with a grade 3 hardness.

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Hardness king size mattress and boxspring set is determined by their manufacturers, without following any general standard, so it is possible that levels of hardness vary from one mattress to another. For this reason, it is important to make sure that mattress chosen meets our needs and preferences.  It has to be a mattress that gives us maximum rest and comfort.

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