Queen Futon Mattress Ideas

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Queen futon mattress – Versatile and comfortable, the futons are convertible furniture that can be configured in either a bed or a sofa. Although at first glance it may seem as if they are all the same size, the futon is available in a variety of sizes. Futons are designed in accordance with their mattress size, corresponding to the furniture industry standard mattress sizes. Futon sizes, futons frames are usually sized to hold either full-size or queen size mattresses, but they are also available in two and king sizes. Buy mattress size that corresponds to your futon frame, or if you are unsure of your frame size, measure it before buying a mattress.

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Queen futon mattress thickness varies from model to model. For comfort, buy the thickest mattress you can afford, but it bends easily when you fold your futon couch position. Those who sleep on futons often find 1:04 – inch mattress too thin for comfort. But the 6 – inch and 8 – inch models are readily available and offer more cushioning and support, and some futon mattresses are even thicker.

Futon covers, another reason it is important to know the size of your futon mattress is so you can buy the right coverage for it. Futon mattress covers serve two purposes. First, they help to keep it clean and protect your mattress from rips, tears and wear. Secondly, they add color and style to your futon overall appearance, which helps to make it look more like a sofa than a mattress when folded up into a sitting position. Queen futon mattress covers are sold in sizes as full, queen and king. Before you buy a cover, make sure it is large enough to accommodate the thickness of the mattress as well.

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